I  would  be  interested  in  composing  for  any  upcoming  films,  computer  games  on  any  budget !


Let me introduce myself. My name is Dimitriy Dyachenko, a 25-year-old film composer, pianist conductor and audio engineer currently living in Kiev, Ukraine.  I have scored many music  on many different genres. I have a many brilliant ideas and music thoughts.

If you are looking for a great music score for your next film or a computer game here is the great deal!

I compose original music for media such as film, television, corporate videos, computer video, games and basically any project that could use original music. I am  versatile composer who can work in many styles and genres; therefore your project will receive exactly the musical feel you are looking for. Whether your looking for a orchestral, ambient, romantic, new age or jazz number to spice up that new car your trying to promote, or you have a film that requires a lush romantic score, I will provide you with the right musical drive to give your project the best end result.

I have an elaborate Audio Work Station and have composed music for many games including "American conquest" (KAZAKS 2) for GSC Game World. I will also be scoring music and sound for the upcoming game "You Empty"

Also I try to score for a year for many firms by long distance - Internet. It is a distant job (having a computer at home) I'm responsible, assiduous and industrious.

If interested please inquire for a free demo. Wav, mp3:  



    Dimitriy Dyachenko.                          

   D B          i4                                 S A               c  D D  R     U U  T   U U  U U  R    T     U U   T T  S c      S   B   B C         X X X  "DD C  A   i9                         T V V V B     B DDFFGG  S c             HHH  A              S         A             F  D D c   c             D  S      i4                   B       S  S        AA

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